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Builds and skills involving wood.  Some metal work.

Please click on the image to learn about process and materials used.

Replica table from catalogue
walnut inlay
inlay on completed cabinet
passive amplifier
Reproduction milk crates
Antique chair repair and restoration
Frame for Oversized Basket
Finished Basket
Refinished chair
Stripped and sanded chair
Chair ornamentation
Modern kitchen island
Island in process
Island in process
Island in process
Large frame
Vintage meat storage
Danceable mail tables
Tapered table legs
Modern Ottoman
Modern ottoman in process
Low profile caster plate solution
Disguising a school desk, in process
Catering cart meant to carry an acto
Butcher's Block
Very Thin Piano
Piano in process
Trident Throne in process
Doorway Shoe Storage
Mini Hospital Bed
Monogrammed Tiny Bed in process
Pair of finished beds
Trick Banquet Table
Trick Table in action
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