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Mixed media creations, studies, and fun.

Please click on the image to learn about process and materials used.

Stay Home
Essential Geography: Inlets and Outlets
Sense of Place
Essential Geography: Peninsula
Essential Geography: Near a River
Essential Geography: Reservoir
Essential Geography: Tidal Basin
Feather Study
Essential Geography: Desert
B'more my World
Essential Geography: River Valley
Defend Your Position
Mom's Cardinal
Foot Study
Gingko on the Frontier
Sad Panda
Mottled Conifers
Costume Rendering
Late Bloom on Winter Grass
Jessica's Song
Jay's Song
The Decision
A New Idea
Draped fabric with a sheen
King Lear
Orlon Sweater and Silk Scarf
Clay Sculpture
Master Copy
Ginkgo Fruit
Quick Figure Study
Master Copy
Shirred Evening Dress Back
Silk Chiffon Draped on a Corner
Sun Flower
Faux Marble Finish
Faux Marble Finish
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