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fiber art and costumes

Projects ranging from home furnishings to costume draping.

Please click on the image to learn about process and materials used.

Custom maps
Rubberized 1860's Bags
Construction of bags.
Djembe strap
Vintage-style weekend bag
Custom throw/ wall hanging
Mirrored skirt
Women's Outerwear Vest
Custom Pair of Shams
Dye Swatches for Shams
Dance Costumes
Dance Costume onstage
Dance Costumes onstage
Red Riding Hood Costume
Red Riding Costume onstage
Pleated Curtains
Hand Dyed Cotton
Salvaged Leather Accordion Case
Tie-Dyed Cotton
Custom Laptop Cases
Custom Laptop Case Interior Finish
Costume Design
Historical Costume Construction
Folk Art Dolls
Appliqued Crest
Vintage towel replication
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